Crops – Gallery 1

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These images were captured at the Keyhole Farm experiment station over several years, as a sample of the possibilities. Just click a photo to enlarge, then click in the upper right corner to return to the original.

A chardA-3 LeavesxA-2 Pumpkin1x




A-4 SunflowersxA6 Serpent SqxA-5 Tatess Tomsx




A-7 Cherry TomsxA-8 PeasxA-9 Alicia Keyhole1x




A-11 Potato VinesxA-12 Small WatermelonxA13 Crook Neck Squashx




A-14 PickingsxA-15 Sunflowers in BreezexA-16 Bell Peppersx




A-17 Keyhole Carved PumpkinxA-18 Tomato CropxA-19 Large Purplex




A-20 Expansive Growthx