2015 Report List

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Keyhole Farm frequently provided updates from its "experiment" center, where new ideas were tested, crops were monitored, and a variety of crop types were assessed. These listings link to those actual reports. Click on the date of listings to go to that post.

01/15 — Three Experiments

03/15 — Use Carbonated Water For Seed Germination

04/15 — Method For Calculating Last Freeze

04/15 — Annual Tour A Huge Success!

05/15 — Keyholes Do Well In 'Wet' and 'Dry' Extremes

06/15 — Leon's Newest Invention Taking 'Up'

07/15 — Tale Of 18 Pumpkins

10/15 — Keyholes Provide 'Your Personal Stamp'

12/15 — New Book: Plant Your Garden In A Keyhole