10/07 — Tomatoes Return In Fall

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xokrraxtomsLast year after the hot days of summer hit and the tomatoes quit making, I pulled them up, except for one plant, and was surprised when fall arrived and they made a comeback, producing excellently. This year, I left most of the tomatoes planted and, again, they are beginning to produce in fairly large number. Although it is too early to determine whether they will turn from green to red prior to the first freeze, it is encouraging to watch. Every time I go out and check, they seem be have had a growth-spurt.

I decided this late in the season to let my okra just grow, without picking, the purpose being to harvest the very big pods for seeds after they dry. Pictured are a few of them.

xpeppersI planted another round of black-eyed peas and green beans about six weeks ago and they are growing well. Just yesterday they started to flower, meaning pods ought to be happening any time. I am thinking that by month’s end I will likely have a good return on bounty.

xbelleIn the spring I planted several jalapeno pepper plants that began production very early and have continued to produce throughout the summer and still into the fall. I pick numerous peppers every day, some large, some medium-sized, and some small. The small ones taste similar to early peas, not hot at all, but the bigger they get the hotter they get. Their growth span is very quick and with just a slight tug they come right off and are delicious.

xpeasMost of my keyhole gardens are still very lush with greenery and are producing a wide variety of crops.The weather here in Central Texas has, for the most part, been unseasonably hot, but it’s beginning to get a little cooler, if only for a day or two at a time. I do remember when it snowed in October, but I really don’t expect icy weather until mid-November at the earliest. Of course, that’s just me predicting, and hoping.

xminiPlease let me remind our readers that anytime is a great time to get involved in keyhole gardening. It can be done year-round by picking crops that fit the season. Also, with the yuletide just around the corner, one of our keyhole garden kits might make an excellent gift, for it is one that keeps on giving with season after season of great crops and an opportunity to get back to nature.