Interested in starting a keyhole garden?

Why Keyhole Garden Kits Are A Good Choice:

Kits go together quickly.
Thin walls allow closer access to plants.
Kits are lightweight and durable.
Kits are easy to disassemble and move.
UV-protected panels do not get very hot.
They are designed for both young and old.
They conserve water and promote recycling.

Original Keyhole Garden Kits

Original Keyhole Garden Kits are popular and feature the full-size garden (six-foot diameter), along with the fittings for the main parts consisting of the frame, panels, and internal basket.

Read more about the Original Keyhole Garden Kits.

Mini-Keyhole Kitchen Garden Kits

The adapted Mini-Keyhole Kitchen Garden Kits were invented for smaller spaces and feature an approximate 42-inch diameter, plus the fittings for the main parts consisting of the frame, panels, and internal basket.

Read more about the Mini-Keyhole Kitchen Garden Kits.


Original Keyhole Garden Kits currently ON SALE!

Reg. $289 (plus applicable sales taxes and shipping) — Currently $249 (plus applicable sales taxes and shipping)
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Latest Reports from the Keyhole Farm Experiment Station Blog

10/07 — Tomatoes Return In Fall
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Last year after the hot days of summer hit and the tomatoes quit making, I pulled them up, except for one plant, and was surprised when fall arrived and they made a comeback, producing excellently. This year, I left most … Read More

‘News-Gazette’ Features Keyhole Farm Gardens
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Ryan Pankau, a horticulture educator with University of Illinois Extension, recently penned an article for The News-Gazette that features keyhole gardens manufactured from Keyhole Farm kits sold in Texas. Entitled “In the Garden:Keyhole gardening growing in popularity,” Pankau’s piece explains … Read More

09/17 — Mission: Charlie Brown
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Goober Pyle of the Andy Griffith Show might be proud to know this, as would Snoopy for his namesake cartoon, but Keyhole Farm this season embarked on something new — to determine if peanuts could be raised in a keyhole … Read More

06/17 — Tomatoes In Overdrive!!!
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Hot weather is upon us in Central Texas. We have been busy at Keyhole Farm picking a multitude of tomatoes early this month, along with Swiss chard, potatoes, and jalapenos, in particular. We also hosted several tours of our facility, … Read More

05/17 — Busy At Spring Harvest
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We are into early May and the keyhole gardens at the Keyhole Farm experiment station are looking quite well. We have begun harvesting spring crops and more are nearing that point. Even though spring is a great time to develop … Read More

04/17 — Scarecrow Says ‘Hi’ At Tour
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My plants are doing exceedingly well at this stage, as this is posted on April 23. Our annual keyhole garden tour occurred on Friday (April 21) and just prior to its opening we shot some video of our keyhole gardens … Read More